Monday, 21 November 2011

My pocket money.

Greetings 1925sidevalvers. Albert here. There has been a small movement on the Walter. I've spent all this weeks pocket money on a couple of lovely pieces. First flash of the cash brought through my letterbox a reprint of the original parts manual. Full of exploded diagrams showing every part one could purchase way back in 1925. Plus the cost ! Phew.
Today an ebay buy - A throttle lever......Nickel plated........Delightful and just wonderful to hold....
(Sad old git ain't I ?) I'll have to source or make the rest but what.

Reference book - No34 Cost new - 1 shilling!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Introducing - Walter

Greetings. Are you sitting comfortably ? Then I will begin......
Here's Walt ! (Full 'Sunday name' Walter Raleigh). He's believed to be a 1925 Raleigh Model 17. Only time and much research will tell. For it is here, today, on this very page we start on a journey. Who knows what will happen along the way.......the aim is to put Walt back into running condition so he can once more phut phut the country lanes of Blighty.