Monday, 16 September 2013

Crankshaft....still fighting...

Greetings and thanks for looking in on the progress of 'Little Walt'
Eeeeh poor Little Walt...he's not in the best of shape. However he's in the right place.
Crackleport's Motorcycle Hospital. (Better known to ale flagon lifters and pickled onion suckers as The Old Sidevalve Bar.)
If you read my previous blog entry you will know it was a big day when the crankshaft gear finally cried "Enough, I give in". I was now on a roll.........Walter old chap I whispered. We can make you live again....I'm sure we can...
Attention was then turned to the crank-pin nut that some careful previous owner had welded to the flywheel.
Careful grinding, drilling, filing with the occasional tickle with a cold chisel was the order of the day. I knew the nut was a lost cause before starting so no attempt to save that part was undertaken. But further damage to the crank-pin had to be avoided at all costs.

Good job I still had my trusty Linen Tester magnification lens close at hand because eyeballing at close quarters is a wonderful thing. I can see the thin line that suggests the crank-pin and the nut are no longer welded together. Only now to separate the nut from the flywheel......easier to say than do and certainly a lot quicker to write than do also.

Fast forward a couple of hours and the nut has held its thread for the last time.....Hurrah !

The remains of the nut are scattered on the workshop floor, the crank-pin is loose from the flywheel.
Time for a cuppa.
Keep tuning in bloggers and maybe leave a comment ....Little Walt needs all the support he can.....these are his darkest hours.....

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