Sunday, 18 December 2011

A bit more down in the workshop.

Albert here, logged on and ready to upload todays workshop news..........Phew, dont get toooooo excited 1925sidevalvers....

Here's what happened. Next operation on the lever project was the fixing of the Yorkshire made bosses to the mounting clamps of the Deli levers....(Two curry regions united into one.....)

First - I tinned the boss, preperation was a thorough rubbing with wire wool soaked in Bakers type Soldering Fluid, then up to temperature before a good application of Tinmans solder.

Second - same technique on the mounting clamp.

Third - drop boss into clamp, re-heat, adjust position and add an extra run of solder for good luck.

That's it for now. More sidevalver action coming soon....

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